Enjoy a simpler, friendlier smoke of pure cured sun-grown flower. With a simple focus on great quality, the weed products are represented in three classic varieties: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. No stems, no sticks, just a pleasure to smoke. It truly begs to be shared! Grab a bag and explore.


Even though the price is low, it does mean that the quality is too! Choose the flavor and convenience of our high-quality oils. Providing a safe cannabis experience that meets the highest of standards - natural products, fully compliant and tested - is one of the privileges of the real cannabis brand.

Old Pal weed - your friend indeed

Old Pal is known for making cannabis that is affordable, accessible, and abundant — but what is so special about this cannabis brand? Natural, sun-kissed cannabis products that meet the highest standards, and are fully compliant and tested. We use natural light, climates and cycles for growing quality cannabis, thinking about the environment. This is more for those who care less about the genetics of their weed and more about the simple experience of smoking it. This is a lifestyle brand. Trip, relax, read, work, chill, and do anything you want with the variety of Old Pal products that hit a reasonable price point!